Contents of first demo CD,  where most tunes are played
with two instruments, four times thru, with second time
melody only.  There is no attempt at marking phrase boundaries
other than the accent hypermeter and harmonic cadences (compare
to  demo2  )

Jigs, Reels, and Hornpipes  -- Public Domain

   Stan Swanson, Sept. 19, 2003

   Transcribed from Ryan's Mammoth Collection (1883),
   ( in Patrick Sky's facsimile edition, MelBay, 1995)

   Chorded and made into MIDI files by VAMP (Swanson)
   Converted to .WAV files using TiMidity++ under Linux,
   using the soundfont vcgs4mv4.sf2 from

   All chords (vamping) are "played" on a piano.
   Most melodies, except where noted, are played on a viola.
   The ones noted as "stereo" have the melody instrument
   in the left channel, the chords in the right channel.

Track  1:  Jigs (melody only on piano), medley  midi  
Track  2:  Larry O'Gaff, 3 x thru    (viola)    midi   input 
Track  3:  Maggie Brown's Favorite              midi   input 
Track  4:  Rory O'More               (clarinet) midi   input 
Track  5:  Brisk Young Lad's         (viola)    midi   input 
Track  6:  Reels (melodies on piano), medley
Track  7:  Chorus Jig (a reel)                  midi   input 
Track  8:  Dominion Reel                        midi   input 
Track  9:  Hull's Victory (a hornpipe)          midi   input 
Track 10:  Morpeth's Rant                       midi   input 
Track 11:  Petronella                           midi   input 
Track 12:  Soldier's Joy                        midi   input 
Track 13:  Hornpipes (melodies on piano), medley
Track 14:  Dundee                               midi   input 
Track 15:  Durangs                              midi   input 
Track 16:  Fishers                   (violin)   midi   input 
Track 17:  President Garfield's      (violin)   midi   input 
Track 18:  Hull's Victory                       midi   input 
Track 19:  Lamplighter's             (clarinet) midi   input 
Track 20:  Steamboat                 (violin)   midi   input 
Track 21:  Reels (melodies on piano), medley  
Track 22:  New Bedford                          midi   input 
Track 23:  Old Zip Coon [Turkey in the Straw]   midi   input 
Track 24:  Piper's Lass              (violin)   midi   input 
Track 25:  Speed the Plough          (clarinet) midi   input 
Track 26:  Jigs, repeat of track 1   (flute)
Track 27:  Larry O'Gaff, 3 x thru, stereo      
Track 28:  Maggie Brown's Favorite, stereo     
Track 29:  Rory O'More, stereo       (clarinet)
Track 30:  Brisk Young Lad's, stereo (bagpipe)
Track 31:  Reels, repeat of track 21
Track 32:  Piper's Lass,stereo       (violin)
Track 33:  Old Zip Coon, stereo
Track 34:  Reels, repeat of track 6  (flute)
Track 35:  Soldier's Joy, stereo
Track 36:  Dominion Reel, stereo
Track 37:  Hornpipes, repeat of track 13 (flute)

Medleys ---
Jigs: Larry O'Gaff, Maggie Brown's, Rory O'More, Brisk Young Lad's, 
      Pop Goes the Weasel
Reels (6):  Dominion, Chorus, (Hull's Victory), Morpeth's, Soldiers
Hornpipes:  Lamplighter's, Dundee, Durangs, Fishers, Steamboat,
            President Garfield's, Hull's Victory
Reels (21): New Bedford, Petronella, Piper's Lass, Speed the Plow, 
            Old Zip Coon