Updated February 24, 2010

A sampling of MIDI renditions (2009): samples

Overview of project history and current status (2004): Status

A multimodal view of phrase cues (2007): Phrasing

Introductory discussion of the program: Introduction

A more advanced example (October 2004): zip

Detailed explanation of commands: Commands

Comments on the MIDI files contained in the second demo CD (June-July 2004) demo2

Comments on the MIDI files contained in the first demo CD (October 2003) demo1

Sample input files and output MIDI files examples

Source code and compressed executables for Linux and Windows
version of 22 July 2004 code
( has gzipped tar file of most recent sources: newsource.gz with slur, chop, rubato, accent on fractional beat )

GUS patch file for fiddle, source modifications for Timidity 2.11.3 timidity

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